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Roly-Poly and the Light is for anyone who has ever felt different.

It is an uplifting story of a child’s friendship with an unusual roly‑poly
(pill bug), Ayla, who shares wisdom of valuing self, differences and connecting with others.


Roly-Poly and the Light Cover
Roly Poly and the Light Fans
Roly Poly and the Light Fans

*PLUS -the book includes talking points and discussion tips for parents and teachers.

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L .  Leigh    Love

'Roly-Poly and the Light' Book Cover
"Do you know what  a Roly-Poly is?"
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"Roly-Poly and the Light is a well-written, wonderfully-illustrated, appealingly presented book that celebrates the fact that all of us have unique qualities that contribute to our respective communities. It's our differences that make us who we are. 

- Stephen F., Switzerland

"Roly-Poly and the Light is an enchanting children’s book that celebrates the beauty of being different while also acknowledging the connections that bind us together."

"The narrative does an excellent job of balancing the didactic elements with a sense of playfulness, making it a joy for children to explore the concepts of self-value."

- ReadwithRev

"As we follow Izzie and Ayla, we are reminded of the sheer joy found in nature’s simple lessons and the excitement of learning about the world around us.

This book not only offers a story but also integrates fun facts and reflective points that can lead to meaningful conversations with children about the importance of respecting differences and finding common ground."

- ReadwithRev

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About the Author

Author, L. Leigh Love is an East Coast writer and artist who very much enjoys connecting with nature and all life. Her writing focuses on the inspirational and spiritual areas of life, with her artistic mediums being nature photography, acrylics and alcohol ink.


She is delighted to share the story here, which is from the heart and sparked from a real encounter with a toad friend and roly-poly, she once met.


She also worked as the Art Director for Roly-Poly and the Light.
Unique services in the
Spiritual, Inuitive and Creative Arts

"I really love your book. I’ve read the whole thing and wish I would have had a book like this when I was growing up. " - Allison F. 


"Your message is emotionally resonant. And I know only someone who feels it on a cellular level (like you) could express it so beautifully." - Jessica S. 

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Here is a sample of the book's illustrations.
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'Roly-Poly and the Light' Book Cover
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'Roly-Poly and the Light' Page Illustration
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'Roly-Poly and the Light' Page Illustration
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About the Illustrator

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"Sweet book with a great message."

- Robert F. Marshall 

" I loved it!!!" 

- S.F.

"It has such a great message." - Five Stars  

- Shelley F.



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warmly, Leigh

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L. Leigh Love
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