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Roly-Poly and the Light

Roly-Poly and the Light is about being different…and the same.

It is a story of finding the joy of uniqueness in yourself and in others. Izzie's backyard is an adventure of wonder where she meets an unusual roly-poly (or pillbug) named Ayla. This wise sage roly-poly shares simple yet profound wisdom of valuing self, differences and connecting with others. Together they go on a magical journey.


Young Izzie finds comfort in nature. She sees that differences are fun to learn about and also delights in finding similarities and sharing connection. She explores how this creates an exciting, beautifully diverse and more enjoyable world. We can be both unique and connected,

different and the same.


Roly-Poly and the Light includes helpful fun facts and reflective points to use in discussions and guided lessons. There is joy in being different. There is joy in being similar. With an underlying theme of respect for nature, it makes a treasured read for mindful nurturing.


Come on this journey with Izzie and Ayla, and you just might find something special for yourself, too!


Common names for roly-polies are Pill Bug, Sow Bugs, Potato Bug, Doodle Bug, Armadillo Bug, Cheesy Bugs, Slaters, Wood bugs, Butchy Boys, Ball bug and more!


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