W h a t   O t h e r s   A r e   S a y i n g

"I would just like to thank everyone who took the time to tell us what they think of "Roly-Poly and the Light."

We appreciate your kind words and support." - Leigh

"Sweet book with a great message."

- Robert F. Marshall, North Carolina

"Your book is beautiful!"

- Kent L. Huntersville


5.0 out of 5 stars - What a great message

"I got this book for my 3 year old, it has such a great message and he loved that it was about a roly-poly."

- Shelley F.

"I really loved the book. It's great for adults, too. I'm 40 and I loved it!"

- Melanie C., Davidson

"I loved it!!"

- S.F.

"Such a great story.  I love this book and LOVE giving it to my granddaughter!"

- Lorie M.

"I did order a couple of your books...one for my grandson in Louisville and one for my grandsons in Naples. I thought it had a great message."

- Dave

She bought one for herself and one for each of her children.